Here’s a quick tip video on how to mount an adapter ring to a Spiderlite TD3.

First, remove all screw and bolt components from the ring placing each of them off to the side. You will notice metal springs while removing the components. We will not need those moving forward.

Once all components are removed, take only 4 of the white washers and place them in the recessed attachment points.

Next, take your Spiderlite TD3 and set the light in the adapter ring. You will notice the ledge of the light fits perfectly on the adapter ring.

Finally, attach the ring to the Spiderlite TD3 using the screws. Secure them by tightening the bolt from the bottom. For easier attachment, start with points 12:00 & 6:00, followed by 3:00 and 9:00.

This type of attachment will allow you to mount the Spiderlite TD3 on softboxes as well as the Westcott Octabank.