What better way to end the year then with a contest, great new products, and TONS of deals!

To kick off this celebration, the Ice Light celebrates it’s 3rd birthday and now features a brand new model! The Ice Light 2 features a 50% brighter output, a removable li-ion battery, beautiful digital display, and built-in bluetooth for future wireless app control.

Ice Light 2 - End of The Year Sale

For a limited time, save $50 on the Ice Light 2 AND get three free accessories!

The Ice Light 2 comes standard with an AC charger, gel clips, and a sleek carry case. But now, on top of receiving $50 off, photographers and filmmakers will also receive a 2-way connector, tungsten gel, and a car charger.

As if that weren’t cool enough, we’ll also be announcing a killer product deal every 2 weeks through the end of December. And, for all of you Ice Light users out there, we’ll also be announcing an amazing contest this month!



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