Mark Kitaoka, a talented Bay Area-based commercial and performance photographer, reviewed the Ice Pack accessory kit in this latest Westcott Real Deal Review.

Mark uses the Ice Light LED often when shooting portraits. Introduced in late 2013, the Ice Pack by Westcott is a complete accessory kit for Ice Light users. The Ice Pack includes a set of barn doors, snap-on tungsten gel, car charger, two-way connector, tilter bracket, and a flexible tripod. These accessory come standard in a durable carry case, which can also house up to two Ice Lights.

As Mark mentions, he finds the Ice Pack barn doors, tungsten gel, and two-way connector extremely valuable additions to his lighting kit. The barn doors give Mark the ability to further direct the Ice Light’s output when using this light source as a fill light.

The tungsten gel snaps onto the Ice Light effortlessly for quick changing of color temperature. Mark holds this gel in place with gaffer’s tape that he simply leaves on his Ice Light.

The two-way connector allows Mark to attach two Ice Light’s together via their 1/4-inch thread. This creates a stripbank-style light source that Mark uses to illuminate full body portraits.

All of these accessories are available separately, or in the cost-effective Ice Pack kit.


Mark Kitaoka - Musician Portrait

Mark Kitaoka - Performance PortraitMark Kitaoka - Corporate PortraitMark Kitaoka - Guitarist Portrait

Lighting Gear in Action: